Best Foods in Wayanad, Must Try foods in Wayanad

Best Foods in Wayanad Must try these foods during Wayanad visit

Wayanad is a cool place  with jungle, mountains, rivers and wildlife, If Wayanad is not seen, it is a loss

There is a lot to see in Wayanad, is there a better place to get to know nature and stay with nature?There is forest, there is mountain, there is river, there is stream. The whole thing is natural.

Know More About Wayanad

Wayanad is one of the most visited districts in Kerala. Situated in the Western Ghats, Wayanad’s landscape attracts a large number of tourists. Wayanad is a popular destination for both locals and foreigners alike.

Wayanad soils, dense forests and plantations make this place a favorite destination for tourists. It is no exaggeration to say that Wayanad is also the promise of a new era of tourism. Luxury resorts, ayurvedic treatment centers and natural spices are the highlights of Wayanad’s international tourism map. There is no doubt that the Wayanad journey, which combines new equations with views of tradition and culture, will be one of the most beautiful memories of a lifetime.

Let us come to the article

In this article we are going to introduce you to some of the famous and traditional foods of Wayanad that you should definitely try when you come to Wayanad,

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1. Boiled Cassava and Fish Curry


Best Foods in Wayanad you must try
Boiled Cassava and Fish Curry

Malayalam Pronunciation(Use Malayalam Pronunciation Helpfull For tourists from outside of kerala to find the food): Kappayum Meen Kariyum

Famous sabudana in North India is made from Cassava, it is a common tuber in Wayanad.

Boil the kappa in this dish and fry it with a little spice.It is accompanied by a fish curry like Indian mackerel , carp or Red snapper.This boiled kappa fish curry is also very tasty to eat and is a common food of the people of Wayanad.This is a food that is hard to find anywhere else in India so be sure to eat it when you visit Wayanad

Cassava is a calorie-rich vegetable that contains plenty of carbohydrates and key vitamins and minerals. Cassava is a good source of vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. The leaves, which are also edible if a person cooks them or dries them in the sun, can contain up to 25% protein.

2. Vellayappam with Curry


Best Foods in Wayanad you must try in Wayanad
Vellayappam and Curry

Malayalam Pronunciation: Vella-yappam

An vellyappam is a popular breakfast in Kerala.The Vellayappam is very healthy and delicious. Chicken stew or egg curry are two of the best delicious curries to eat with Vellayappam.The curries you can choose from are mainly Green peas curry, chicken curry and beef curry

It is made by mixing powdered rice and yeast with coconut milk and a few other ingredients.
Vellayappam is very soft perfect to eat with any curry

Vellayappam is a delicacy found everywhere in Kerala and it is very difficult to get this dish outside of Kerala

3. Bamboo Rice Kheer


Best Foods in Wayanad you must try in Wayanad 12
Wayanadan Bamboo Kheer

Malayalam Pronunciation: Mula-Ari-Payasam

This is a Kheer that is popular among the tribals of Wayanad and  now available in many places in Wayanad. the main ingredient is bamboo rice

This Kheer is made from the rice collected from bamboo trees of the forests of Wayanad.This Kheer is made with bamboo Rice, milk and ghee and is very delicious, This dish have a lot of medicinal properties.

This dish is only available in Wayanad and you should definitely try it.

4. Sadhya


Best foods in Wayanad must try , Sadhya

Malayalam Pronunciation: Sadhya

Sadya is a traditional Kerala cuisine that incorporates a wide variety of traditional vegetarian dishes. Rice and various curries, pickles, raisins, stews etc. are served on banana leaves.

The leaf is placed so that the tip is on the left side of the eater. The upper half of the leaf is served with pickles, toran, avial, kichadi, pachadi, pickles, olan and yeast. Less than half the rice is served. Serve ghee with the first serving of noodles.

The sambar is then served with various vegetables and onions as well as nuts, coriander, chilli, bay leaf, tamarind and fenugreek. Avial, the main ingredient in Sadya, is made with vegetables, coconut and coconut oil.

There are many types of kheer that can be served later. peas, wheat, rice, dried fruit, rice,

The banana should be eaten with the Kheer. Then add the Rasam to the rice, followed by the curd, and finally the rasam. With this, Sadya will be complete.

5. Fried Pathiri with Curry


Best foods Wayanad Poricha pathiri
Fried Pathiri

Malayalam Pronunciation: Poricha Pathiri

Pathiri is commonly available food in North kerala, Pathiri is made with rice flour after oil frying it becomes crispy it tastes best when eat with non-veg stews

Malabar special fried pattiri is a breakfast and dinner It is also very tasty to eat as a tea

There are several ways to make this Ney Pathal recipe. Traditionally, rice is soaked for 34 hours, then ground into a coarse, grainy mixture and added with chopped coconut, shallots, fennel, and cumin seeds, then deep-fried. Another easy way to follow is to use coarse rice flour. You can prepare this tasty and delicious pathiri for breakfast, a teatime snack or for dinner.

6. Cassava Biriyani ( May Beef Meet Included)


Best Foods in Wayanad must try foods Kappa Biriyani
Tapioca Biriyani

Malayalam Pronunciation: Kappa Biriyani

Cassava Biryani is one of the most popular food products in Kerala, especially in central Kerala. Known as bone meat and tapioca, Although this dish is made with beef,  along with fermented boiled Cassava.

Despite having biryani in its name, kappa biryani is not like a regular biryani. This rice-free biryani is topped with Cassava and meat. Kappa Biryani can be made with any meat such as chicken, beef, mutton and pork.

7. Banana Fried Chips


Best Foods in Wayanad must try Fried Banana chips
Fried Banana chips

Malayalam Pronunciation:  Kaayu Vara-Thathu

Fried Plantain banana are a favorite food of Malayalees of all ages. The taste of the plantain banana chips in good coconut oil is something different. You can eat with tea, In Sadya too

Chips made from pure coconut oil, without the use of preservatives or artificial colors, are available anywhere in Wayanad.

8. Noolputtu or Idiyappam


Best Foods in Wayanad must try Idiyappam

Malayalam Pronunciation:  Nool-Puttu

Noolputtu or Idiyappam is a food used in Kerala. Noolputtu is made by steaming with rice flour. Idiyappam is obtained by pressing the dough into the Idiyappam mold. In some places, coconut is also added to Idiyappam.

Idiyappam is also known as Noolappam and Noolputtu. Idiyappam is an important breakfast dish in Kerala. Usually eaten with spicy or sweet curry. Idiyappam is also an essential item for breakfast and dinner in Sri Lanka. Many grains were added by the Sri Lankans to Idiyappam.

9. Unniyappam


Best Foods in Wayanad must try

Malayalam Pronunciation:  Unni-appam

Preferred location for best taste : Kuttettan’s Unniappam, Thirunelly Road Jn. Manathavady , Wayanad

Unniyappam is Kerala food. Unniyappam, also known as Kuzhiyappam, Karappam and Karolappam, is a sweet dessert. Those who don’t like Unniyappam will be very few.

Bananas, rice flour and brown sugar are the main ingredients for making Unniyappam. This dessert has a round shape.

10. Plantain Banana


Best Foods in Wayanad must try Plantain Banana

Malayalam Pronunciation:  Etha-Pazham

Nutritious bananas. Bananas are rich in natural sugars, sucrose and fructose and are available in most parts of the world. This is one of our favorite South Indian fruits. Americans also like them more than apples and oranges….

Ripe bananas are slightly more nutritious than green bananas. Ripe bananas are rich in TNF (tumor necrosis factor). Studies show that they help prevent cancer by blocking the growth of free radicals in our bodies.

Bananas increase immunity and increase cell count. They also have a lot of antioxidants….

Bananas are rich in fiber. This will help the bowel to function properly. Their sodium level also helps in controlling blood pressure. Bananas help in preventing ulcers and lowering body temperature. And tryptophan compound in it will reduce depression

People who work out eat bananas before that to increase their energy. The potassium in bananas has been found to be a remedy for muscle pain.

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This article was written specially for my friends who are traveling to Wayanad from outside Kerala.

All the foods mentioned in this article are very healthy and delicious, Moreover all these are famous in Wayanad

These dishes will be a new experience for almost all the travelers coming from outside, Definitely try these foods.

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