Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your VocabularyBest ielts vocabulary apps: Improving Your preparation

This article provides the best IELTS preparation Apps for students, and it Will definitely Improve your Vocabulary for IELTS Preparation.

Two hours and forty-five minutes can bring about a lot. IELTS preparation can be a daunting task because it examines the candidate on all fronts.

Reading and writing assignments can be challenging to crack if a proper practice hasn’t gone into it, but solely focusing on those tasks can hinder your preparation time for speaking and listening tasks, which also incorporate a massive chunk of percentage in evaluation. Taking practice tests is a great way to kick start your preparation, and it adds a bonus to your preparation as it familiarizes you with the patterns of examination. Hence, to Improve Vocabulary for IELTS Preparation, good source material is crucial. This article will help you choose the best app for IELTS preparation for improving your vocabulary. 

Reasons why the apps trump websites for improving vocabulary for IELTS preparation


  • The ultra-digital world that we live in requires us to keep our devices handy, and mobile is the most convenient portal we carry in our pocket that transfers us to another world. 
  • Engagement is an issue with millennials. As most people who take the IELTS exam are youngsters, catching their attention is easy, but keeping them focused is a challenge because of so many vibrant offers available all around them. Hence mobiles would be the custom choice. 
  • Updates and notifications hound us in our daily lives, but they are essential for critical circulars and syllabus changes or improvements. Hence apps provide a real-time connection to the user because they constantly upgrade. 
  • Though Jio has blessed us all with unparalleled reach and utility, there are times when mother nature hinders internet usage. Power cuts, especially on rainy days, are common in India. Even though their frequency has reduced, relying implicitly on the internet to study is not a wise choice. This is where apps come in, as you can operate them both online and offline, and your study material stays safe.   
  • Research shows that mobile users spend 84% of their time on apps and a little remaining on websites and other activities, so this is proof enough that apps have a more considerable impact in catching the user’s attention than a website. 

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Best IELTS Vocabulary Apps: Choose out of the top 10


  1. IELTS Prep App ( First one of Best IELTS Vocabulary Apps)

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary

This app provides the best preparation materials for students. It is certified by IDP, British Council, and Cambridge. This app is a whole package, and I would urge you to get started with this app as soon as possible because time is money, my friends. 

A few USPs of this app are

  • Live classes: This app provides daily live classes by the best-certified tutors and covers all aspects of IELTS preparation. More than 2 lakh students have already enrolled, and they reap the benefits of it. 
  • Speaking rooms: As speaking is one of the skills necessary to excel at the exam, this feature helps you connect with speaking buddies in speaking rooms to hone your skills and gain as much confidence as you can by practicing with your competitors. 
  • Free practice material: Timed MCQs and cue cards are some of its most essential features. Practice makes a man perfect, so with this cool feature, you can kick start your IELTS journey with the choice of practice sessions and tests. 
  • Cheap rate: Courses and websites charge you the moon when it comes to enrolling for classes, but this app gets you all that and more in the comfort of your home at just Rs.149. 
  • All these USPs make this app the best for vocabulary improvement for IELTS preparation and much more. 

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary 1

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2

2. IELTS Practice and IELTS Test (Brand 9)

Best ielts preparation apps free android and ios 1

This app provides the students with 

  • Two writing tasks with detailed model answers 
  • 400 sample charts and 380 IELTS practice sets with 4K questions 
  • Over 600+ sample essays 
  • Idioms and phrases, phrasal words, 5k IELTS common words and their usage 
  • Easy and practical, supports dark mode
  • It is free and offline. 

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary 1

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2

3. IELTS Vocabulary and Preparation

This app is for standard IELTS preparation, but specifically for the reading and writing preparation, and this also would be a great app to improve vocabulary for IELTS preparation. 

  • It has autoplay for viewing words.
  • Lists categories for choosing. 
  • Has the option of adding download to each audio.
  • The app has writing and reading tasks for the general paper. 

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2

4. IELTS Complete Preparation and Exam

Best ielts vocabulary apps

It is a free app for students to learn from, and it also has exciting features like 

  • The reading aspect of it provides additional notes and source materials.
  • The writing part takes care of the topics and ideas so that students can practice and prepare. 
  • Options for storing and revisiting the essay to see improvement and progression are also available. 
  • General training tests give students confidence, and demo exams help students face the actual trial like a game. 
  • The listening part has irregular verbs and ratings as it starts to commend the student for performing well. 

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2

5. Complete Skills for IELTS 

Best ielts vocabulary apps and preparation

This app provides the student with a classroom environment and hence makes the practice sessions even more fun; this is a well-suited app to improve your vocabulary for IELTS preparation. It offers, 

  • Official Cambridge Guide to crack IELTS
  • Language references and writing skill aids
  • Regular revision for a thorough practice
  • 4-5 listening quizzes and 6-7 vocabulary quizzes

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2

6. IELTS Test Preparation


The main features of this app include

  • Vocabulary hub with over 5000+ words for students to learn and understand, separated into four different categories for ease of readability 
  • Pronunciation guide along with word meaning tips 
  • Vocabulary testing feature, students can take four different types of tests to see what suits them the most. 
  • Daily new words 
  • Random tests to assess the progress of each student individually. 

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2

7. Complete IELTS Preparation Guide 

Best ielts vocabulary apps and preparation

This is a friendly app used by students and professionals, which also makes it an excellent app for improving vocabulary while preparing for IELTS, and the features of this app are as follows.

  • It contains American slangs
  • Vocabulary and speaking modules with over 5K practice words
  • Most common phrases and valuable words
  • Irregular verbs and proverbs 
  • Different levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced audiences.

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2

8. IELTS Practice IELTS Mock Test Offline

Best ielts vocabulary apps and preparation

This app also focuses more on reading and listening skills but gives a brief on writing and speaking as well. Down below are a few things to expect from the app. 

  • Detailed answers to mock tests for reading skills 
  • Audio script and detailed answers for listening skills 
  • List of common idioms and phrases, tasks 1 and 2 of writing explained in a straightforward fashion 
  • Academic English dictionary to familiarise the student with common English words 

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2

9. IELTS Liz

Best ielts apps

this app promises to provide a stronghold of the English language and also helps the students with 

  • Quizzes for a better understanding, 70+ questions to prepare from 
  • 300+ pages of free lessons to grasp ideas from
  • IELTS band scores explained with tips and tricks 
  • 40+ videos to cover the basic syllabus of the exam 

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2

10. IELTS Test Pro

TechnolstaR ielts

Candidates can study for free with the help of this app and utilize it for 

  • Practicing 3000+ questions written by experts
  • Keeping track of your performance
  • This app highlights strengths and weaknesses to focus on 
  • Provides detailed statistics personally for every question 
  • Supports text to speech ad dictionary

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary 1

Best App For IELTS Preparation: Improving Your Vocabulary2


To conclude, the only takeaway I wish you, as readers, had was that IELTS is not as big of a lion to trap as it sounds like in our head. With significant dedication and time devotion, any exam can be cracked. And a score of 7 or 7.5 to 8 is considered a good score, so keep learning and improving vocabulary for IELTS preparation and use apps to optimize your time to maximize the gains. 

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These were the top 10 apps for you to choose the best app for IELTS preparation and increase your vocabulary.




  • Where to take the IELTS exam

This exam can be taken roughly four times a month, depending on your location. It can be taken on paper as well as on a computer. To know more, please visit the official website of IELTS India. 

  • How much does it cost?

Though the fees may vary from place to place, different countries may charge more or less depending on their needs, but on average, the fee for this exam is 14700/-. 


  • Is 7.5A a good score?

Generally speaking, it depends on the reason for you to take up the exam. Still, in general, 9 is considered an expert level grade; anything above 6 is competent, 7 is regarded as a good score, and 8 is a perfectscore, so 7.5 naturally falls between good and very good, so no need to worry! 


  • Can we use a highlighter in the IELTS exam?

The only writing item you will be permitted to use is a pencil for writing and listening test, so I suggest you start getting used to it. 


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