Google news amp version have more benifits than Feed text version.Google News  not showing AMP of Your Blog? Don’t worry team technolstar will help you to solve this issue in simple steps. please read this article carefully. feel free to ask if you have any questions

What is AMP

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source HTML framework developed by the AMP Open Source Project. It was originally created by Google as a competitor to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News.AMP is optimized for mobile web browsing and intended to help webpages load faster.AMP pages may be cached by a CDN, such as Microsoft Bing or Cloudflare’s AMP caches, which allows pages to be served more quickly

About Google news

Google News is a news aggregator administration created by Google. It presents a persistent progression of articles coordinated from a great many distributers and magazines. Google News is accessible as an application on Android, iOS, and the Web. Google delivered a beta rendition in September 2002 and the authority application in January 2006.

What is the pros of Showing AMP on Google news

If you are not submitted AMP of your blog, Google will show feed text of your article means Google news will not show any Advertisements , Pop Ups , Social share etc..of your page. So if you getting traffic from Google news you will not get any website engagements or any Advertisement impressions

Pros of Google news amp version

  • Advertisement and Analitics
  • Reduced load time
  • Low bounce rate
  • Auto adjustment on any browser
  • Mobile friendly
  • Optomized data usage

How to Show AMP version of pages to Google news

For showing amp version of your blog pages on Google news your blog should have amp version. If your blog doesn’t have amp please follow the below steps to install amp plugging on your wordpress

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How to install amp in wordpress

By using WordPress plugins you can easily Configure AMP of your blog. here we  show you two method of configuration of  AMP plugin. You can choose best one as your requirements,

Note : Please keep Backup of your blog before installing any plugins or changing any configurations. We are not responsible for any data loss or any damages with your blog

Method 1

  1. Jetpack by plugin (Recommend method)

By using jetpack you can configure AMP of your blog without changing your main blog theme

Here is the simple steps to Configure jetpack AMP
  1. Install Jetpack plugin , Jetpack by WordPress
  2. Go to plugins menu from WordPress dashboard
  3. Click settings of jetpack
  4. Go to performance
  5. Enable settings as per given below image

Google news amp 2

Method 2

2. Official AMP plugin for WordPress

By using official AMP plugin you can use AMP by both orginal and optomized themes

  1. Install AMP by AMP project contributors
  2. Go settings
  3. And choose configurations as per your requirements

Now your blog is redy with AMP version and you have to enable on Google news

How to enable AMP on Google News

  1. Go to Googles Publisher Center
  2. Click on edit button of your required blog
  3. Go to contents ->Sections
  4. Add New section or edit existing feed
  5. Select Feed
  6. Fill the section title and the feed URL ( feed URL you can get from Feedburner )
  7. Select “anyone” from Feed Access
  8. Choose “Generate articles directly from feed” from feed options
  9. Clik on ” Use AMP ” fron Rendering Preference
  10. Save it

It will take 2 more days to index your AMP of blog. after you can see your AMP version on Google news app

If you have any doubts feel free to ask us on comments

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