5 Top Grammer Checker Tools Online 2020 (Free and Paid)

If you are doing a content writing job or you are a blogger then this article ” Grammer Checker Tools Online 2020 5 Top Free and Paid ” will definitely help you.
For writing articles you need to be fluent in your languages. Fluent in Grammars, perfection in delivering your thoughts and doing least mistakes as possible.
You need to deliver well-written articles. It can be possible if and only if you are good in Grammars. But some of the bloggers or writers are not good at grammar.
It leads to a bad reputation and less productivity in your work.
By eliminating these errors and writing quality contents we can perform better and better. For doing these works we need a friend that helps us in achieving our goal.
So in this article, we have brought you What is a Grammatical Tool and  5 Top Grammatical Tools ( Free and paid ) that can help you to tackle these problems and help you to deliver quality content.
So let’s start the article:-

What is a Grammatical Tool?

Grammatical tool or Grammar tool is basically software designed to perform correction in our writing which can be document, essay, article, etc and helps us to deliver quality content.
It eliminates errors caused in our writings due to lack of knowledge in Grammar and various typos mistakes.
These tools ease our efforts and also saves a lot of time doing these works. Some tools are available online which are free and some are available for premium users.

Here are the top Grammer Checker Tools Online :-

1 )  Pro Writing Aid (Free and Paid)

Grammer Checker Tools Online 1.pro writing aid free and paid
Pro Writing Aid offers world-class grammar and style checking that allows users to get in-depth reports about your mistakes and helps you to strengthen your writings.

Features of Pro Writing Aid

  • suggests 1000s of style improvement that helps you to find suitable formats.
  • searches out elements such as repitness, vague wording, sentence length variations, etc.
  • It has a massive contextual thesaurus that helps you to find perfect words to make your article.
  • corrects a whole article in a matter of minutes.
The subscription cost of plans
  • Free plan:-  $0 / yr
  • Premium plan :- $59.3 /yr
  • Premium Plus plan :- $66.8/yr

2 ) Grammarly (Free and paid )

Grammer Checker Tools Online 2.grammarly free and paid
Grammarly is the best grammar checking and correction tool that scans your text for both common and grammatical mistakes. It is used by millions of users worldwide.

Features of Grammarly

  • Grammarly gives a detailed explanation of your mistakes and hence helps you in the elimination of errors in future.
  • uses NLP ( Natural Language Processing ) features to correct grammatical errors and helps you to solve them.
  • It has a large thesaurus that contributes to world wide approx 20 million as per their claim.
  • free to use for a limited time and can be also accessed by its keyboard.
The subscription cost of plans
  • Monthly plan :- $29.95/month
  • Quarterly plan:- $19/month (billed $59.95 one time)
  • Annual plan :- $11.66/month (billed $135.95 one time)

3 ) Ginger Online (Free and paid )

Grammer Checker Tools Online 3 Ginger online free and paid
Ginger Online is one of the most used grammatical tools that can deliver an effective result in a very short time.
It is powered by AI technology.

Features of Ginger Online

  • Ginger Online uses Patent Pending technology to correct grammar, spelling mistakes and misused words.
  • corrects a variety of mistakes such as Typing mistakes, grammatical mistakes, repitness, etc.
  • can translate and correct up to 60 languages.
  • corrects the whole sentence in One click using a current browser.
The subscription cost of plans
  • Monthly plan :- $20.97/month
  • Annual plan :- $7.49/month (billed $81.88 one time )
  • Two-year plan :- $6.66/month (billed $159.84 one time )

4 ) Paper Rater (free)

4 Paper rater free and paid
It is an AI loaded grammatical tool that eases your work to avoid mistakes such as typing errors or other errors. It delivers quick results so no matter the delay.

Features of Paper Rate

  • It is a robust grammar tool that helps you to find those pesky mistakes and correct them before turning your page.
  • AI-powered tools that deliver the quick result in 5-15 seconds.
  • 100% free tool, just you need to copy and paste your article to correct it.
  • also gives suggestions to correct your mistakes. Find out which is suitable for you and use it.
The subscription cost of plans
  • It is 100% free to use and can be used in any web browser.

5 ) Scribens

5 Scribbens free and paid
Scribens is a powerful grammar correction tool used by millions of users worldwide. It claims to be more effective than Ms word.

Features of Scribens

  • It claims to correct 10X more mistakes than Ms word.
  • It is powerful enough to correct 250 mistakes which may be homonyms, punctuation etc
  • · It detects stylish elements like repetition, runs on sentences, and redundancy.
  • It is used by 5 million + users worldwide. Hence has a massive thesaurus.
The subscription cost of plans
  • Monthly plan :- $6.99/month
  • Yearly plan:- $47.8 / year

Conclusion of Grammer Checker Tools Online

According to the article, we conclude that grammar is one of the vital elements of any language.
Language is meaningless without Grammar. Using correct spellings and grammar makes writings perfect and more effective.
Errors and mistakes lead to a bad reputation and bad productivity.
So we explained some tools which you can use to perform grammar correction in an easy and effective way.
This list included some free tools as well as some paid tools. It is designed to ease the purpose of your work. You can use these tools according to your convenience. Free tools are pocket friendly but have low features compared to a premium one.
So it is recommended to select the best plans and tools that you want and perform your activities or work.
Hope you liked my article. Please keep visiting our website and share this article with your friends, family members that are in need of these tools.


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