Google has been ultra kind all these years to small businesses by offering this magical service.

While Search Engine Optimization is offered free of cost, you still need to invest in hiring the right skilled
people to execute it.While Google has been revising its algorithms from time to time to make searches valuable for
users, there are some techniques that will never fade off. Here are 3 things you must not ignore
when optimizing your content writing business website for search engines.

  1. Add a Blog Page to Your Website
    A regular update on your website will keep your website in an active state for Google to
    know that you have a running business and you are genuine. Know what can you add to this
    blog section on a regular basis.
  2. Keep Requesting For Reviews on Business Listing
    Genuine reviews on a regular basis inform Google that your business is preferred by clients.
    This works as a brownie point for Google to give you weightage in rankings. You have to be
    careful while managing your Google Business Listing Page. Know how to get a business
    listing page for reviews.
  3. Search Keywords Carefully
    Work on a mixed bag of long-tail and small keywords. Be in your customer’s shoes and think
    from their perspective. One of an old content writing agency had been optimizing for
    keywords like – Content Writer in Delhi, Resume Writers near me and many such
    Your SEO activity has be constant to seek positive results. A very renowned agency from New Delhi
    had been optimizing their content writing business website for 3 years. The CEO says you have to
    start now before your competitors capture the top 10 search results and refuse to move. In such
    scenarios, it becomes difficult to beat them.


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